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Hassle-free BARF/RAW planning
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Plan for the whole week or just a few days

BarfPlan in a mobile application that will help you planning and sticking to a nutrition plan for your dog.

There’s no doubt BARF/RAW is beneficial for dogs but it might be hard sometimes to keep track of everything and to supply them with all they need. That’s why we created a tool that is always in your pocket - a mobile app.

You can plan weeks ahead or just particular days. We see dog owners with different patterns. Some buy a lot of meat and freeze it. Some buy more regularly. No matter what’s your way of supplying „dog’s fridge” with meat you’ll find the app as a helpful companion.

With goals for plan you’ll see how adding particular meat affects the plan realization. Everything calculates in the fly!

… and our database of food is pretty big already!

Choose from 150+ types of food

The list with nutrition values was created from official sources. We know the pain of visiting multiple websites to get proper values. Even worse if they differ when it comes to values. What should you do then? Pick an average?

No worries, we have already done it… and it’s in one place. Actually, you don’t have to do a lot, just pick the food and everything is going to automatically calculate.

The list is growing and we plan to introduce custom food types in the future if you happen to have something special.

You can adjust what your dog eats and what doesn’t

We have handy defaults for you if you just started with BARF. But if you are experienced you can customize almost everything.

One of the things that are in your total control is the proportions of food types:

That gives you also an opportunity to remove something from the diet. A good example would be Veggies and Fruits.

They are not always needed but if your dog needs them, it’s going to be easy to include them in the nutrition plan.

Planning is easy when you see the trend

Have a closer look at the element at the bottom of these two pictures.
We call it a balancer. It shows current trend with the food you already planned. Imagine you planned Monday and if you are going to repeat it 7 times, your dog will consume too much fat.

It’s a great moment to start balancing it by introducing low-fat meat. The same can happen with proteins. If you give your dog a lot of veggies and fruits, the weight of the whole meal might be sufficient but the protein count will be too low.

The app is available for Android and iOS

With a single account, you can have the app installed on both Android and iOS.

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Having a hard time with supplements?
We have you covered!

Supplementation is probably one of the most difficult things in BARF/RAW. In the wild nature, wolfs get supplements from the environment. But our pets are not that „lucky”. Fortunately, they have us!

But we need knowledge about what to give, and how much we should be giving to our dogs.

It’s not getting easier with all the units you can find on the supplement’s package. Of course, with a calculator, everything can be calculated. But in the longer term, it was quite annoying for us.

Especially when we think about supplementing calcium. If your dog eats bones, it really depends on how many bones they ate in a day to understand if we should administrate calcium supplementation or not. And that’s just one example.

Speaking of units and values… all you have to do is to look at the supplement’s package and put it in our app.

The dosage will be calculated in grams per day.

How is it set?

Well, it depends on the supplement. We have all the formulas but long story short it can depend on your dog’s current body weight, on norms established by certified authorities, or on the current consumption of „active substance” based on the food plan for a day.

Whenever it’s possible we will try to give you some handy tips.

On the right, we see an example of a Cod liver oil supplement that has a lot of Vitamin D and 7.9g/day of the oil covers 100% of the need for that vitamin.
On the other hand, it covers „only” 58% of omega-3 acid needs.

By adding another omega-3 source like Salmon oil, we are able to cover Vitamin D and Omega-3 in 100%.

They both readjust when one of them changes.

After all, you’ll see a list of supplements your dog should take for a given day:

Keep track of dog’s weight

As you probably noticed we calculate a lot on behalf of you. We’ve put a lot of work into making it seamless.

By sharing your dog’s weight we can adjust the supplementation and plans.

It’s also a nice dog’s weight tracker which will for sure bring back some memories if you look at some of the small values.

You can also set your dog a weight goal. Some should put on weight a bit and some lose.

Try it now!

No obligations. Just start creating plans

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Of course, we would be more than happy if you could share your experience with us!

But what if I have more dogs?

We bet you learned by now (and convinced your family) that having more dogs is not a problem!

Obviously, same here!

You don’t need an extra account, phone, subscription, or whatever.

Just add more dogs and switch between them.

Are puppies any different?

Well, they are.

We take it into account and use different norms for puppies and adults when doing the calculations.

But all you have to do is tell us that you have a puppy when adding a new dog.

You can later change it to an adult and everything will calculate differently from that point.

We work with different units

You’ll see a lot of values in this application and a lot of units.

We do our best to make it easy to convert between them.

As an example, let’s look at food intake (daily ration). Typically you’ll find it defined in percentage but sometimes it’s just easier to use grams. For example, to round it to the nearest nice looking number.

We are also aware of different units systems. That’s especially helpful when you are from the USA.

We support metric and imperial systems… and a mix if you like.

In general, the correct units system should be picked based on your location but you can always change it in the settings.

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